London Town


So I arrived in London! I came out to the UK for work. I just had to take a picture next to this iconic Phone booth! My friend Danny I met from work was also a photographer so we had a fun photo shoot! The phone Booth was taking outside of my Hotel.

Famous Phone Booth

I got to see Buckingham Palace!!!

Saint James Park was Gorgeous!

London Eye



Before I had arrived to London I had gone to the middle of nowhere to shoot a haunted movie in a small pub in Kent. After work was all wrapped a friend of mine took me to Blue Water Shopping Mall in Kent, UK. I was super hungry and since I love watching the food network, naturally I had to suggest Jamie Olivers restaurant called “Jamie’s Italian”  inside of the mall.

The Blue water is a gorgeous mall, nice and big and beautiful, even though it was a bit bright everywhere.The food I might say was really good and I really enjoyed the desert!

Two scoops of delicious flavour of gelato or sorbet, plus any two yummy toppings

You know what I liked the most about being in London, everything is so fancy even their taxi cabs looks fancy. In America its just yellow or should I say Uber or Lyft cars now.

Everyone in the mall had those fancy baby strollers. I just had a baby so I always wanted one of those fancy baby strollers. They call it a Pram or Push carts in London. They look like this:


It took me a while to find it since they are not so popular in the USA. But don’t worry if you have been looking to Click Here Although Prams are super pricey, they make you feel and look classy London Chic.



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2 Responses
  • Justin
    January 3, 2018

    Model Much!? Too fly.. Too pretty.. Too smart.. Who says you cant have everything?

    • Sarah Marshall
      January 18, 2018

      Thank you Justin! =)

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