Healing Vertigo Naturally


One day I had decided to get Lasik eye surgery, so I wouldn’t have to wear contacts or glasses. A couple weeks after I had it done, I got invited to go to SixFlags Magic Mountain. I went on a rollercoaster and I was never the same. I felt so dizzy I went to the doctors and I was told I was having Vertigo. They gave me pills called Meslizine Hydrochloride. The pills made me worse and I felt so dizzy for 2 weeks straight, the room was spinning, as if I had a hangover without drinking or some crazy Carnival ride. I did my research online and I had found someone who wrote that If you ever had Lasik Eye Surgery, forget about ever going on Rollercoasters. Something about the eye coordination throwing you off. So after I did extensive research, I turned to holistic healing. I found that Apple Cider Vinegar changed my life not only is it beneficial for all kinds of stuff, but it was the only thing that took my Vertigo away naturally. Now you can get Vertigo from various things, I am telling you what worked for me. If we eat unhealthy and are exposed to toxics that may cause vertigo too, ACV can flush out the toxins we consume from processed food or even medications that can cause vertigo. So I know that your probably thinking there is no way to get off of certain medications because you might have a condition. But drinking this might help reduce your dizziness from the side effects from the pills. Also if you have had a injury I think this might be a natural approach to help reduce the dizziness caused by whatever it is. I am not claiming I am a doctor. I am telling you if you have tried everything and you are looking for a more natural approach try this and stick to it. Don’t try it for one day and say it didn’t work. Below I will add a video I made to how much I drink and how I use it.



No specific reason was found as to why certain folks suffer from vertigo. Vertigo can lead to tension and nausea. If you are afflicted with vertigo you may want to consider back to what you’ve ingested within the prior hours.

There are different causes of dizziness also. While dizziness is often thought to be among the very first indicators of MS there’s a lot of confusion in regards to differentiating between the expression dizziness and vertigo. Always keep in mind that while dizziness is a typical symptom of menopause, excessive dizziness might be an indication of something a lot more serious than menopause like a brain tumor. Dizziness is typically not brought on by inner ear disorders, so may point to another condition which ought to be investigated. Dizziness might also be indirectly associated with menopause by really being a side effect of medications you’re taking to take care of different symptoms like hormone replacement therapy. As a consequence, you might experience dizziness in the early hours, when you awaken. While dizziness in MS is certainly not the only symptom it’s thought of as one of the most typical symptoms and the most frequently recurring.

Its symptoms, including dizziness, usually endure for several hours and diminish. As a result, if you’re experiencing dizziness, consider improving your diet plan and eat foods with protein, and organic energy like fruit. Dizziness might be directly linked to menopause because of changes within the body.

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